Product Review-Morfose Thermal Guard Serum and Hair Mousse

We would like to introduce A&A Cosmetics new Morfose Thermal Guard Series. It includes Shampoo, Hair Mask, Conditioner, Hair Serum, Hair Milk, Hair Spray and Hair Mousse. We found this review from Kik Magazine. They are an international Jamaica based online magazine that focuses on the beauty and overall development of black woman. (

I received the Morfose Thermal Guard line of products for review this summer. I must admit that I wasn’t expecting much regarding performance. I got it from someone with straight hair who raved about the product so I was skeptical to say the least. What got me curious is that the Argan oil-infused line is specifically created for protecting your hair against heat styling (which I do regularly). Here is how I used the products and how they worked.

Morfose Thermal Guard Serum



This product was used for my blow-outs on transitioning hair. I used it on damp, towel-dried hair.


Can I give this product 20 stars?! I’ve never had a heat protectant work this well in my hair. I’m a few months into using this thing and I have never, EVER, had a split end or needed a trim and I use heat regularly.

It also gives amazing slip (is smooth and silky) and aids in detangling. The product is very light and leaves your hair very light as well without frizz.

You don’t need a lot of this product so it will last you quite a while. My hair feels very strong, soft and moisturised once I’ve finished drying my hair and it maintains that way for at least 7 days until my next wash. (I still moisturise and seal my hair every 2 days).


No, but it is infused with Argan oil. I really don’t care if the product is not natural if it works and this one works.

Stylist Review

I typically wash and blow-dry my hair before going to my stylist. She was amazed. She actually plans to buy it herself to try out on her clients because she’d never felt transitioning hair feel so silky and strong after blow-drying.



I tried to use this product on dry hair in an attempt to do a twist-out.


It didn’t work out. This left an almost sticky feel and is more like a light spritz.  It said that it can be used on wet or dry hair but water is the first ingredient and it did make my hair pretty damp. I wouldn’t really use it for a straight style. Of course, because of the water, it cause my hair to puff up a bit.

While my hair didn’t feel excessively dry, I’d definitely probably pair another moisturiser with it if I wanted soft, supple hair (which always my aim). It’s a moose. I guess if you have relaxed hair or want to do roller-sets, this can work for you. Still, however, I highly recommend applying it with a creamy moisturiser first. I do plan to try this product on dry misted hair to achieve a braid-out on transitioning hair.

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Watch my video review of the Morfose Thermal Guard Mousse and Serum products in the video below.