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Morfose BB Cream 150ml (5.07oz)

Morfose BB Cream 150ml (5.07oz)

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– Morfose Hair BB Cream which has been developed by using liquid crystal technology, affects hair in 11 different way and allows hair to maintain these impacts for 24 hours. – Liquid crystals smooth the hair surface and eliminates the damage on hair by creating a protective film layer on each hair strand.
Spray evenly 4-5 times to the damp hair from hair lengths to the tips and spread it with a comb. Do not apply to the scalp. Do not rinse. Style as you want.
– Heat Protection – Wet Combing – Dry Combing – Resistance Against Breakage – Resistance Against Damage – Vivid Brightness – Silky Softness – Color Lock – Smooth Hair – Adds Volume – Moisturizing Affect
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